Budget Template & Financial Plan

Olivia Raymer
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  • Debt & Asset Snapshot - On this tab, you can take a step back from a budget and outline your current debts and assets. This also gives you a place to start from when filling in your budget later, with fixed expenses.

  • Monthly Budget Template - On this tab, you can outline your monthly budget and also track what your actual spending ended up at the end of the month. If you prefer a simple one-month only budget use the next tab called "My Budget - Simple"

  • Financial Goals - On this tab, you can outline a plan for paying off your current debt with any remaining income you have each month and calculate how long it would take etc.

  • Net Worth Tracker & Chart - On this tab, you can track your monthly Net Worth, by entering your ending balance for all your major accounts: Accessible Cash, Retirement Accounts, Real Estate, and Total Debt. The Chart on the follow tab displays it visually.

  • Retirement Calculator - The final tab is a retirement calculator, where you can play with six different inputs to see how your retirement can pan out.

Last Updated: 2017

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Budget Template & Financial Plan

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